Founder Support Programme in Egypt

We believe in empowering young entrepreneurs with high potential from around the globe by giving them the opportunity to make their ideas successful and competitive in the business market – contributing to leveling the playing field with global entrepreneurs.

The Founder Support Programme in Cairo consists of a stipend in the amount of 500 Euros per month (excluding payroll tax, social security and insurance), which secures the participants’ personal livelihoods over a period of one year. This ensures that the founders can focus solely on the realisation and implementation of their business idea, and successful participation in the training programme.

In addition, the participants are provided with a mentor who advises them on all matters relating to day-to-day business and can open international networks. Also, the participants are provided with a desk at the Startup Haus Cairo. This ensures their integration into a network of founders, access to office and meeting rooms, legal advice, and administrative support.

Finally, the participants are continuously supervised and evaluated by the employees and experts of enpact.

01.12.2018 - 31.12.2019