Founder Scholarships

Founder scholarships provide financial support and mentoring for entrepreneurs in their first year of business, allowing founders to fully concentrate their time and energy on their business venture.

Over semesters of discourse with students about the contrasts between their writing societies and my U.S. scholastic one, I found that troubles with referencing are associated with contrasts in how students peruse and compose writings. Accordingly, I built up another way to deal with educating referencing dependent on setting up printed authority and isolating scholars’ voices. Since I show arrangement as a subject based course, my referencing exercises identify with topic based perusing and writing assignments. In this article, I first present a best site with short exchange of key hypothetical thoughts that illuminate the methodology, and afterward I portray five exercises, four of which are coordinated into the course topic of “vagrancy.” There are numerous reasons why I utilize this subject. Maybe generally significant, I find that vagrancy, together with neediness all the more by and large, is a topic that is open to students from any nation. Also, the subject offers abundant chance to talk about stereotyping and to think about our own mentalities. Contingent upon the level, majors, or interests of the students, the subject is appropriate for writing individual articles, breaking down media talks, and presenting scholarly terms, for example, recognizable proof and separation.

The scholarships cover monthly living costs and provide access to knowledge, mentors, networks, and peers. Thus, founders are able to quickly and sustainably become autonomous entrepreneurs, to develop their ideas into products, and to position these products on the market.

In concrete term, the monthly scholarship covers the personal livelihood of the participant over the period of one year. This ensures that the founders can focus solely on the realisation and implementation of their business idea. In addition, scholarship holders are provided with different mentors, office space, and day-to-day support.

Realised Projects

01.12.2018 - 31.12.2019


Founder Support Programme in Egypt

We believe in empowering young entrepreneurs with high potential from around the globe by giving them the opportunity to make their ideas successful and competitive in the business market – contributing to leveling the playing field with global entrepreneurs.

In 2019, we partnered up with GIZ Egypt to bring together ten startups for ten months, with the incredible help of five mentors, nine local and international experts, to support their business development and personal development as entrepreneurs.

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