Clinical Innovation Fellowship Egypt 2020

Programme description: 

The Clinical Innovation Fellowship is an eight-month innovation scholarship starting June 2020. It provides participants the opportunity to work in a transdisciplinary team following the Stanford Biodesign methodology. The programme is arranged by enpact e.V., RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and EIT Health. The programme will include:

  • Bootcamp
  • Clinical Immersion period of 6 weeks in a dedicated healthcare organisation
  • Expert lectures and workshops throughout duration of programme
  • Mentoring by leaders from healthcare, venture capital and medtech industry
  • Support: Reference groups, coaches, mentors and team experts
  • Monthly stipend for selected participants

Aim of the programme: 

  • Generate commercially viable innovations that can benefit the host organisation and the local healthcare system as a whole
  • Grow a multidisciplinary network of fellows in the healthcare landscape
  • Educate clinical innovation fellows with a deep understanding of healthcare everyday work and the medtech industry

Who’s the programme for? 

The programme is targeting professionals who want to take part in leading medical innovation with a background in the following disciplines:

  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Design
  • Engineering

The 2020 Fellowships application process 

For the 2020 fellowships programme, 8 participants will be selected in total, two from each of the above disciplines: business, design, engineering, and medicine.

In May, during the first week of the program, the teams will be formed with one representative from each discipline, and the teams will be assigned their clinic.

In order to be considered for a spot in the programme, each applicant needs to submit an application through the link below:

Apply here:

You will need to submit: 

  • Your CV
  • Cover letter in English outlining your experience and why you want to take part in this fellowship
  • Contact information to three references who speak either English or Arabic
Please note that for the fellowship duration, all 8 participants need to be dedicated full-time for the programme. 
Application deadline: April 15th 2020

Benefits of joining the programme: 

  • A unique initiative

The goal of the Clinical Innovation Fellowship is to improve healthcare by identifying clinical needs and challenges gathered during clinical immersion and create solutions to address those needs. 

Participants should have a background within medicine, engineering, design and/or business and work in multidisciplinary teams throughout the programme. For many of our participants, the programme becomes the first step in creating a start-up in the medical technology field. 

The programme will be implemented by enpact e.V. is a joint initiative of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska lnstitutet (Kl), and EIT Health, inspired by, and in cooperation with, Stanford University Biodesign Fellowships. 

  • Local immersion, global market 

The Clinical Innovation Fellowship teams operate in Europe’s leading network for the systematic identification of clinical needs and development of solutions to impact healthcare worldwide. 

The initiative is based on clinical immersion in Egypt and supported by the international partner organizations. 

  • Deep clinical experience

As a participant, you spend 8 weeks in the clinical immersion period where you can observe and interact with healthcare professionals and patients during everyday clinical practice. Each of the teams will be placed at a specific healthcare department where the clinical immersion will take place. They will work alongside the healthcare professionals in the department to assess needs and co-create innovation solutions. 

  • Multidisciplinary teams

Each team will consist of participants from the four different disciplines: medicine, engineering, business and design. The participants are experts in their fields and will have a solid academic background, thus creating a strong, multi-disciplinary team capable of providing long-term value for customers. 

  • Local and international support network

As a participant in the programme, you become part of a wider network of leading organizations in medical innovation across Europe. The network provides a platform for development and marketing of any solution that is developed within the fellowship programme.


Clinical Innovation Fellowship timeline:

  • Wednesday, April 15th – Application deadline

Applications need to be submitted by 23:59 CET on Wednesday, April 15th

  • April 15th to May 1st – Applicant Interviews

All submitted applications will be reviewed by program management and successful candidates will be interviewed from 15th of April to 1st of May.

  • Saturday, May 2nd – Assessment Day

Assessment day will take place at Startup Haus Cairo. During the assessment day, candidates will interview with program management and friends of the programme, participate in assessment activities such as workshops, and solve cases. 

Only candidates who are able to attend the assessment day on Saturday, May 2nd are eligible to join the program. 

  • Thursday, May 7th  – Offer

Selected candidates will receive an offer to join the program in the second week of May. 

  • Monday, June 1st – Programme Starts
  • Monday, June 15th – Clinical Immersion Starts 

Apply now:

Applications deadline: April 15th 2020

About partner organisations: 

RISE: Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE) is a Swedish state-owned research institute, collaborating together with universities, industry and the public sector to drive international competitive sustainable development and growth. RISE performs industry research and innovation as well as testing and certification.

EIT health: EIT Health was established in 2015, as a ‘knowledge and innovation community’ (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is made up of various KICs who each focus on a different sector, or area, of innovation – in our case, that is health and aging. The idea behind the EIT KICs is that innovation flourishes best when the right people are brought together to share expertise.  


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