Horizontal and vertical exchange among founders is at the core of enpact’s activities.

enpact’s Mentoring Programmes enable young founders to create a long-term international network with other business owners, mentors, and experts. Over the course of an eight-month-long programme, up to 30 young entrepreneurs work together in groups, accompanied and coached by renowned entrepreneurs from enpact’s international network. The cooperation in sector and development-related groups promotes exchange, horizontal and vertical learning, and the development of sustainable networks – all under the motto “from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”.



The mentoring programmes contain a number of innovative formats, such as several-day-long startup camps, individual visits by mentors, ecosystem expeditions, etc. In the past they have been implemented on an international as well as a national level in numerous regions and countries. While by default they are sector-agnostic, they can also be adapted to a specific vertical.

Realised Projects

01.07.2019 - 30.04.2020

West Africa

West Africa Mentoring

This interactive mentoring programme supports entrepreneurs during eight months via mutual learning and network-building opportunities.

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