Horizontal and vertical exchange among founders is at the core of enpact’s activities.

enpact’s Mentoring Programmes enable young founders to create a long-term international network with other business owners, mentors, and experts. Over the course of an eight-month-long programme, up to 30 young entrepreneurs work together in groups, accompanied and coached by renowned entrepreneurs from enpact’s international network. The cooperation in sector and development-related groups promotes exchange, horizontal and vertical learning, and the development of sustainable networks – all under the motto “from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”.

This is the same operation as the Erasmus grant. To benefit from the aid for international mobility you must be in the same situation (internship or university exchange abroad) and it is your school which studies and approves your request. The only difference is that this aid is only available for students who are scholarship holders of higher education under social criteria. Aimed a little at “the cream of the crop”, as they say at Uncle Sam’s, the Fulbright scholarship is exclusively awarded to students who wish to study or do academic research in the United States. The number of scholarships awarded is quite limited, making it an exclusive scholarship for students with an exemplary academic record. If you are curious, you can always find out about this student program. There are many other scholarships that you can claim as a student, just click to investigate and what is more, wishing to carry out international mobility. They are to be sought, for the most part, from the departments and regions which sometimes provide specific grants for their inhabitants. They are less known and popular but no less interesting because they are therefore less often used. The Ile de France region provides international mobility assistance for university exchange students abroad. We, therefore, invite you to inquire with your department to find out if they provide scholarships for students in your case.



The mentoring programmes contain a number of innovative formats, such as several-day-long startup camps, individual visits by mentors, ecosystem expeditions, etc. In the past they have been implemented on an international as well as a national level in numerous regions and countries. While by default they are sector-agnostic, they can also be adapted to a specific vertical.

Realised Projects

01.07.2019 - 30.04.2020

West Africa

West Africa Mentoring

This interactive mentoring programme supports entrepreneurs during eight months via mutual learning and network-building opportunities.

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