mission statement

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship as vehicle to create economic and social prosperity for societies in emerging and developing countries

The non-profit organisation enpact was founded in 2013 with the aim of empowering entrepreneurs, ecosystems and international cooperation.

enpact is one of the world leaders in the cultivation of startup ecosystems as a means to promote international cooperation and development. Through a variety of products and services, enpact supports founders and startups in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin
America and the Middle East. The goal is to create a global network of startup ecosystems that facilitates the exchange of ideas, solutions and support. At present, enpact’s network consists of 1.000+ startups, 300+ mentors and 50+ support organisations in 20+
countries. 5.000+ jobs have been created as a result of enpact’s work with startups.

We follow a code of conduct and set of values to create meaningful impact and a workplace where people can maximise their potential.

Empowerment. We empower entrepreneurs, ecosystems and international cooperation to tap into their full potential.

Adaptability. We adapt with agility and flexibility according to needs, circumstances, and local conditions.

Co-Creation. We co-create long-term positive impact in collaboration with all our stakeholders.

Trust. We believe in trust as the glue and foundation of all our relationships.

Appreciation. We embody and foster a culture of appreciation for one another.

Integrity. We adhere to the highest standards of moral behaviour in all our interactions.