Thierry Feike has been one of the most committed mentors enpact has ever had. He joined as a mentor in 2014 and has been an expert with us ever since. Curious to know what makes him stick around, we did a little interview with him.


Thierry, when did you first hear about enpact?

In 2013 I’ve attended a Young Leaders Forum in Tunis, organized by the BMW Foundation. The Forum was very interesting, however, it was more of a discussion arena, it didn’t offer further steps or ways to make a difference. Coming from a corporate background I was looking for a practical use of my time and skills. That is when Sebastian Rubatscher (enpact co-founder), who was one of the co-organisers, approached me and invited to join enpact as a mentor.


What is the expertise you bring in as a mentor and who were your mentees?

I worked with 3 fellows: Hend Riad, Wahib Chebbi and Kevin Kuhn from Ecotoiletten. Well, I still work 🙂  Right before the Paretz camp in August I met up with Kevin, he was curious to have my opinion on their strategy and sales process. Two years ago when they were just starting, they had a lot of ideas, but spreading their energy thin; they needed to prioritise and focus. Since Ecotoiletten has chosen its target customer sector, they’ve grown from 30 to 300 toilets. Wahib has also progressed a lot and is on the solid track.


It’s been 3 years, what motivates you to keep investing your time in these young people?

It’s boring to keep the knowledge to myself, I want to share it in the hope that others will avoid mistakes I made and as a result, will be more successful than me. Besides, it is not a one-way street – I learn a lot from the founders too! They are younger, have different approaches.

I grew in business through 1-on-1 meetings and paper letters. I learnt there’s only one way – act by the book. And now in the digital world, there are so many ways, so many diverse approaches, it is 180° from what I learnt.


Thierry Feike is in charge of business development for Warema Group outside of Germany. After gaining experience in procurement management, Thierry transitioned into sales – where he currently remains. The role began with neighboring countries and Eastern Europe in the 1990s before focusing on Arab countries (UAE and GCC) and recently USA.

He has always found a special interest in understanding and embracing other cultures since this is the basis for successful professional development and an innovative range of products.

Interview and text by Alex Kovbasko, Community Manager Europe