what we do

job creation

2000+ jobs in MENA

  • 80% survival rate of startups
  • 4+ new jobs per startup per year


140+ mentors & experts

  • 2500+ hrs pro-bono mentoring
  • active in 4 regions


290+ entrepreneurs

  • 7 startup camps in 4 cycles
  • entrepreneurs from 10 countries


full-service shop

  • analysis of startup ecosystems
  • coworking spaces


our projects

startup mentoring

empowering responsible entrepreneurs


The eight-month long international Startup Mentoring programme combines traditional one-on-one mentoring with unique learning opportunities in groups with entrepreneurs from around the world. Our programme fosters both vertical and horizontal knowledge exchange.

A variety of innovative components like startup camps, startup safaris, lounges, expert workshops and national roundtables secure the creation of a sustainable network that offers first-hand insights into the working realities of different ecosystems.

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startup space 

supporting startup ecosystems with space and innovation


The idea behind the Startup Spaces is to provide entrepreneurs with a one-stop shop where everything they need can be found under one roof: access to peers, networks, financial resources, office space & coworking, legal advice, bureaucratic support, mentoring and other relevant stakeholders from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our first space in downtown Tunis represents the most simple and effective way of achieving the goal of boosting entrepreneurial activities in the country. Our second space in the heart of buzzing Downtown Cairo is expected to open by mid 2018.

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startup meter 

analysing the startup friendliness of entrepreneurial ecosystems


Startup Meter will provide the basis for thorough assessments and effective policy interventions for specific local ecosystems. It will facilitate more actionable assessments than are possible with current national level frameworks. This is particularly relevant when considering the economic diversity within countries.

The ecosystems are assessed on the basis of a comprehensive set of indicators for different domains of a startup ecosystem. This is currently available for 7 cities (Accra, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Nairobi, Rabat, and Tunis) with more coming soon!

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enpact entrepreneurs camp Germany 2015

startup connect 

exploring new startup ecosystems


Startup Connect organises delegation trips for SMEs, startups, investors and accelerators from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe to explore opportunities for lasting business relations in new markets.

Startup Connect offers the vast enpact network of incubators, accelerators, business angels, entrepreneurial associations etc. We are aiming to enhance economic development and business relations between companies in Europe and the fast growing emerging markets in the MENA region, Asia and beyond.

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