I had the idea to take a company that already existed, a juice and fruit product company named Fruit Republic, then I acquired a technical guy and created a new, bigger company, changing the strategy into a much better one.… Read More
KoraStats came about because my business partner and I were not satisfied with how national team players were being selected, so in 2009 we decided to find a way to evaluate players’ performances based on their progress on the field,… Read More
Starting with the dotcom opportunities in the late nineties and early 2000s, young people have become more and more excited about the idea of making it on their own, and dismissing the corporate or publicsector-life. This was reinforced by Obama’s… Read More
Inspiring and exciting kick-off event in Egypt 60 start-ups, 7 countries, 20 mentors and the enpact team started the first entrepreneurs camp for this year’s enpact mentoring programme. The camp focused on the opportunity to share ideas, expertise and experiences… Read More