Thierry Feike has been one of the most committed mentors enpact has ever had. He joined as a mentor in 2014 and has been an expert with us ever since. Curious to know what makes him stick around, we did… Read More
Salah Isayyied fluctuates between English, German and Arabic during our interview. His background and career have given him unique and deep insight into both the Middle East (particularly Jordan) and European (particularly German) cultures and markets. Like many first introductions… Read More
It’s interesting how people pick their first questions when they start talking to me about Axeer Studio "Did you always knew you wanted to be in the media production industry?" "How did you find your true calling in life?", assuming… Read More
I got to know Ibrahim in the first enpact camp in Egypt in March 2015. The first camp is very important for every participant, whether mentor or mentee. Everything is new, everybody needs to soak up the spirit of enpact, to… Read More