Earlier this week, Forbes magazine selected Cairo as one of the Top 10 Cities Around The World To Launch Your Startup. This comes a few days before Cairo hosts one of the biggest entrepreneurship summits in The Middle East & North Africa regions: RiseUp Summit 2015.

Ever since the 2011 revolution in Egypt, young people in Cairo have been looking towards entrepreneurship as a way of improving the socio-economic levels of a post-revolution country. But unless an entrepreneur already has access to capital, a solid network and early customers, it is hard to make it alone  – thus, the local support system here becomes crucial.

So several key stakeholders in the Egyptian entrepreneurship ecosystem arranged a meeting to discuss how they could respond, and started working together to bring RiseUp Summit 2013 to life/ As the first and largest crowdsourced entrepreneurship event in Egypt, RiseUp has been acting as a platform that connects entrepreneurs and innovators with the resources they need ever since.

Several of enpact’s family & friends will be attending this year’s RiseUp Summit in The GrEEK Campus, Downtown Cairo. This is what enpactors are bringing to the event:

Booth: Our booth is a chance for attendees to meet the people behind the program and hear about how we grew an international mentoring program for startups into seven countries in three years. There will be ways to stay in touch, get involved in contributions, collaborations or partnerships, as well as to get selected to join our network.

Talks: Several of our entrepreneurs and partners are giving inspirational talks and workshops in RiseUp 2015. Below you’ll find a brief highlight of what is going to happen there:

Workshop: enpact will organizing a workshop on the Business Model Canvas on the second day of the Summit. In this workshop we will go through how to use the Business Model Canvas based on the best-selling book ‘Business Model Generation’ by Alexander Osterwalder. During the workshop participants will understand business models and why they are relevant today more than ever. Participants will learn how to design their own Business Model Canvases as a visual representation of theirr business & its innovations. 

Hack4Egypt: We are also partnering with Hack4Egypt, as part of HackaMENA – an event organized by The Sandbox which aims to bring innovative designers, entrepreneurs & programmers together to work on tackling, analyzing, and solving several of Egypt’s challenges in less than 72 hours of intensebrainstorming, coaching  & coding. 

Jordanian Delegation: RiseUp 2015 is different from its previous editions by focusing on creating the so-called ’Quantum Leap’ of more regional and international presence for the Summit. Enpact is the main country partner for Jordan bringing over 15 entrepreneurs and 35 individuals to enrich the RiseUp Summit 2015 experience. Other delegations are from Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Kuwait, UAE & Austria

If you are in or around Cairo on December 12th & 13th, make sure you get your tickets early and check out several of the activities taking place in RiseUp this year.

Can you spot the enpactors among the crowds in RiseUp this year? Let us know.